Sex Excuses on a Spreadsheet

July 25, 2014

Can you imagine seeing your sex life documented on a spreadsheet? How would you react to seeing a record kept by your spouse that you had turned him down twenty-seven times over the last couple of months, only allowing him in your bed three times?

Apparently, a frustrated 26-year-old man felt he had no other recourse than to communicate his dissatisfaction with his sex life than to document how many times his wife turned him down for sex over a seven-week period, and then send it to her in an email as she sat in a taxi on her way to the airport. He then broke off all communication so that she couldn’t call him or email him to discuss their problem.

He documented each excuse she gave him, e.g., she has a headache, she’s watching a rerun of a show, she’s watching a movie, she’s too drunk, he’s too drunk, she’s sweaty and feels gross, she needs a shower, she has to be up early, she’s exhausted, etc.

The wife, not to be outdone, posted the spreadsheet on Reddit with her own snide remarks. Next, it will probably show up on Facebook and tweeted on Twitter by one of them.

This is a relationship heading for a divorce for a number of reasons. If a partner, who had previously had a decent sexual relationship with her husband, suddenly stopped wanting him in her bed, several factors could be at work.

Is she getting her sexual and emotional needs met by someone else? Has her husband developed some habits that she finds offensive? Is he neglecting his personal hygiene? Are they wallpapering over their problems and letting their hostilities fester instead of discussing them? Does he continually undermine her accomplishments and find fault with her? Does he make offensive remarks to her or about her in front of other people?

These are only a few of the things that can turn a woman off from a previously satisfactory sexual relationship. If his spreadsheet documentation is accurate, this relationship is in serious trouble.

If they want to salvage their marriage, they should make a tactical retreat from the social media sites because nothing hurts a marriage more than a public airing of marital problems. Then they should have a serious discussion followed by some counseling to help them put things into perspective.

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