Single and Childless

August 4, 2014

A couple of decades ago, one of the women on my message board posted a note saying that she and her boyfriend were getting married and they made a pact not to have children. At that time, it was a major decision and she didn’t know what our reaction was going to be but she wanted to share it with us.

She needn’t have worried. Publicly, we all supported her decision but, privately, many of the women were secretly longing for home and family. The women who posted on our board consisted of those who were single, divorced, married, childless, stay-at-home moms, married and single mothers who worked, and women who had never been married and were not planning to get married.

They came from all walks of life and we heard a lot about the Parents Without Partners groups around the country. Mostly, we heard that it wasn’t like one big dating pool because the same men and women came to all the different functions.

Some of the men who posted on our message board were there to troll for hookups, some were there in hopes of meeting the right woman, and others were there to complain about their marriages or their divorces. But none of them were there to talk about wanting to remain single and childless.

There were no hotels offering weekend specials to singles, and restaurants seated single women in the back, near the kitchen. Nowadays, single women aren’t shoved to the back of the restaurant but there are still no hotels offering weekend or holiday deals for single women.

There have always been business conferences and special rates for them so, if you were a woman, attending one of those business conferences, you were given the same kind of accommodations and the same rates as the men.

But, fast forward. Twenty years have passed since those message board posts and we still don’t see hotels advertising special weekend and holiday deals for single women who aren’t part of a business function. And we hear even less about women who don’t want to get married and who want to remain childless.

With all the new relationship apps for meeting people, you’d think there would be a few apps for single, childless, women who want to remain single and childless, but who want to have a little fun and excitement in their lives.

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