The Escort Solution

April 7, 2015

For most of my life, it was a well-known rule that if a woman was unattached she either found other women to hang out with or she joined an organization like Parents Without Partners or a religious group. But one thing she did not do was go to an event by herself.

Times have changed. Nowadays, you see single women going to parties by themselves, going to singles bars, restaurants, concerts, theaters, weddings, and just about anything by themselves. And it is no longer a stigma to be unescorted.

Women who were wealthy enough often hired a male escort but there were certain expectations associated with that and there was definitely a stigma attached to that. People have historically classified male escorts as male prostitutes.

Over the years, several of my clients have worked as male and female escorts for various companies. They claimed that it was up to them if they wanted to have sex as part of the evening and that they had the right to make it clear that they were just serving as an escort and not as a prostitute.

Most women don’t like the idea of paying for an escort, and they especially don’t like the idea of people thinking that she is so hard up that she has to pay for sex, even if sex is not part of the evening’s financial arrangement.

But now I’ve heard of something a little off the beaten track for women who don’t have financial problems. It allows them to go everywhere with a man and not have to suffer the knowing looks or catty comments of their friends or people from their social circle.

Some women pretend that their lives are in danger and they hire a bodyguard to protect them. They make sure that the bodyguard has all the social skills, e.g., being a good dancer, a good conversationalist, a good anything, and no one questions their association. They go everywhere under the guise of protecting the woman from an unseen enemy.

The bodyguard idea has the most appeal. We’re so accustomed to hearing about terrorists, abductions, ransoms, etc., that most people, including the bodyguard, wouldn’t suspect that the woman just wanted a man to escort her to places that are usually frequented by couples.

Of all the options for women, this is the only one that has never had a stigma attached to it. You just have to be able to afford it.

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