The Modern American Woman

March 28, 2013

We tend to think of women in this country as having all kinds of educational opportunities and all kinds of career opportunities.  

But is this really true?

The majority of women have jobs; a small percentage of women have flourishing careers.

It’s not necessarily that women don’t want more, that they don’t want brilliant careers, it’s more that they don’t know how to achieve those goals.  They don’t know how to take those first baby steps.

There are certainly more women today who have reached the glass ceiling than ever before and many women who have broken through the glass ceiling, but they are in the minority.

Education is a major factor and networking is also a major factor but, if we look at the mindset of women today, are we really so far ahead of the women in Third World countries who get married young and are supported by their husbands?

We like to think of ourselves as much better educated than women in Third World countries and, for the most part, we are.  Of course, the women who live in the poorest parts of our country might not be much better educated or have the networking opportunities of women who live in the more affluent parts of our country.

Just because more women are encouraged to get an education than in previous generations, doesn’t mean that they can take advantage of it.

If family finances are in dire straits, the girls often quit school to take care of their siblings while their parents work, or they quit school to get a full-time job to support their family.  Often, circumstances force them to quit school to take care of their siblings as well as having to get a job to support their family.

Although there are countless stories of women who are making it, there are even more stories of women who are living on the fringes of society.

I keep wondering if the majority of American women are so much better off than they were fifty years ago.  I also wonder how many American women are still getting married so that a man can take care of their financial needs.

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