The New Dating World

July 6, 2014

The dating world has either gotten narrower or wider, depending on how you look at it. In my day, you met each other at parties, religious groups, school, work, or through family or friends. My mother tried to simplify the dating process for me. Every woman she met, she would ask, “Do you have a son? I have a beautiful daughter and if he’s as nice as you, we should introduce them to each other.”

I doubt if my mother would have liked the online dating sites that have become popular over the past couple of decades; it would have cramped her style of wanting to pick out my future mother-in-law as well as my future husband.

She would be even more upset at the new dating apps that have hit the Internet. Instead of being introduced by someone you know, now everything is digitized to such a degree that it barely pays to walk out your front door unless you know that you will have a date as soon as you leave the house.

You don’t need anything other than a smartphone to line up your next date. Apparently, there are apps that allow you to meet people over your smartphone. You see a photo of the person and his age. If you’re not interested, you swipe left. If you are interested, you swipe right. If he’s interested in you, he swipes right, and your app tells you it’s a match. If you’re in the same neighborhood, and yes, there’s an app for that, too, then you meet up for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

These apps are unbelievable. One of them will present you with just one potential mate at noon every day. Can you imagine having dates with a different person every day of the week? You wouldn’t have time to get bored and you wouldn’t have to have an extensive wardrobe; you could wear the same outfit every day and no one would have seen it more than once.

The downside to this type of dating is that some people take longer to feel comfortable with strangers and you may dismiss them too soon. By thinking that tomorrow may bring someone else who may interest you more, you could give the brush-off to someone who might be the love of your life.

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