The Power of Suggestion

April 29, 2014

A few nights ago I wrote a blog about grocery deliverers in the metropolitan areas that will deliver your order to your front door, and how they are comparable to the prices at your local grocery. I said that it almost made me wish that I lived in a metropolitan area because this kind of service would not be available where I live.

Then I mentioned an enterprising company in my area that offers to do your shopping for you and delivers it to your front door. They charge you a 25% delivery fee for your whole order with a $35.00 minimum delivery fee. In addition, they charge you $10.00 for every store they have to go to.

I posted the blog, and a few hours later I had a craving for ice cream. I didn’t have any in the house, so there I sat, truly considering calling this company and asking them to bring me a certain brand of ice cream from a store that was in a different part of town. I actually sat there asking myself if I needed anything else from that store so that I could justify the $35.00 minimum delivery fee.

I felt like a cartoon character in a comic strip, of a woman standing with an angel on one shoulder, and the devil standing on the other shoulder. Until that moment, first craving the ice cream and wanting to have it delivered to me and, then, the next moment, telling myself that I couldn’t justify the $35.00 delivery fee. And for the next several hours, I had this intense battle raging inside me, craving vs. common sense; common sense vs. craving.

In this case, common sense and a little self-discipline won out and, as near as I can figure out, the only reason they won is because I felt so silly for even considering it, that I didn’t make the call that would have brought me instant gratification.

Every so often I get to experience the power of suggestion. For me, this was a reminder of just how powerful the mind really is.

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