The Timing of Romantic Breakups

December 22, 2013

It’s very common for couples to break up around the Christmas holidays or birthdays. There have been numerous stories about people who have broken up with their partner around an important date only to get back together a month or two after the date has passed.

There are many reasons for this phenomenon. I remember a man who was very in love with a woman he had been seeing for many years. He was bemoaning the fact that he didn’t have the money to buy her an expensive Christmas present so he broke up with her a couple of weeks before Christmas. He waited a month after Christmas to get back together with her.

Another man took his lover to a very expensive restaurant for her birthday. He had saved up to buy her the kind of gift that most women would drool over. After taking great care in the selection of her birthday present, he was quite unprepared for her reaction. When she opened the box and saw that it was diamond earrings, she started to cry. Not just cry; she sobbed her heart out.

It seems she was expecting an engagement ring and seeing the earrings made her realize that their relationship was more important to her than to him. The following year, he was gun-shy about buying her anything for her birthday so he broke up with her a couple of weeks before the date and didn’t try to renew their relationship until a few months later.

Arguments over where they are going to spend the holidays is another factor in couples breaking up. It could come about when one of them says that this year he’d like the two of them to spend Christmas with his family and next year, they would spend Christmas with her family.

While some may be filled with joy at the thought that this means s/he is saying they will still be together next year, others are disappointed at the thought that their hopes and wishes are being shelved for another year.

Christmas is a popular holiday for getting engaged; it’s also a time for couples to reevaluate their relationship. It all depends on the expectations of the couple and where they are in the relationship cycle to know whether a strategic breakup is heading their way or whether their bonds are strong enough to last forever.

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