The Trick to Getting Your Way

July 2, 2014

Women have always known that they can get what they want by making men think it was their idea. So, why don’t they remember that in the workplace?

If we look at it differently, studies also show that when we talk to someone, we remember 65% of what we said and only 35% of what the other person said.

Many is the time when someone is recounting a story to me and at the end of it, I’ll ask, “And what did s/he say to that?” and the response is often a sentence or two or the admission that s/he didn’t remember what they said.

What this tells us is that a good leader has to draw out the words that he wants to hear from his employees so that they buy into the methods he wants them to use. If you can make a person tell you the same thing in his own words, he’ll remember it and act on it. If you do the talking, he’ll only remember 35% of what you said, if even that much.

There are a few side benefits to letting your employee do most of the talking. For one thing, it gives you a better understanding of how you can lead him and, for another thing, it can spark more of your own ideas and creativity.

Some people learn better by listening and some learn better by reading, but they learn best of all by using their own thinking skills and teaching what they have learned to other people. That was one of the most useful lessons I ever learned. From that day on, I would try to teach someone something and then have them teach what they had learned to someone else.

As a leader, it is essential to vary your methods according to the needs of the individual because no one method works for everyone. Some people need detailed instructions that have to be spelled out and repeated until they grasp it, while others can be given a general outline and know what to do with it.

But most of all, there is a “follower readiness” and a good leader knows when his employees are ready to follow and when they are not. If they are not ready to follow, keep them motivated until they are, and then be ready to pursue your agenda.

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