There’s No Such Thing as ESP?

January 22, 2014

I used to think that research studies meant something but the criteria that is being used by some Australian researchers to debunk ESP, are just plain silly.

The ESP study, which is led by Dr Piers Howe from the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences, University of Melbourne, has concluded that there is no such thing as sixth sense. They used a criteria that is not too dissimilar from the playing cards that were used many decades ago to debunk psychic ability, by having the participants guess what cards they were holding.

In Dr. Howe’s study, participants were shown two portrait color photos of a female and asked participants to identify the change they saw after switching the photos at timed intervals. They were asked to identify the change by having them click one out of nine possible options in a list, e.g., earrings, glasses, hat, necklace, color of lipstick, etc.

Their conclusion was that the results prove that the observers could generally identify when a change had occurred even when they could not identify exactly what it was. They are calling this ability “Mindsight” and saying that Mindsight is the ability to detect changes before being able to identify them.

I don’t know what they were researching but it certainly wasn’t ESP. Ask any parent who has ever sensed his or her child in danger, even from thousands of miles away, if those feelings were the result of detecting changes before being able to identify it.

In the days before Caller ID, whenever a particular friend would call, I would drive him crazy by picking up the phone and saying, Hi, Simon, before he could identify himself. There also were many times I would think about someone and within minutes to hours that person would call, even if I hadn’t spoken to her or him in five years.

It’s also the ability to sense danger before it happens. My friend and I had decided to go to a particular restaurant and, just as we got there, I made her drive past it and go somewhere else. The evening news that night reported that robbers came into that restaurant when we would have been there and held everyone up at gunpoint, going from table to table collecting money and jewels and roughing up some people who didn’t hand over their valuables fast enough.

Those weren’t changes that the mind could detect before being able to identify them. That was ESP.

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