Waiting for Mr. Right

December 23, 2013

Too many women pass up golden opportunities to meet and marry decent guys who aren’t especially good-looking or who don’t have a lot of money. They are waiting for Mr. Right to come along and sweep them off their feet.

They are looking for that special someone who has it all: money, looks, charm, and sex appeal. Not that I can blame them for wanting it all, but somewhere along the way, they become desperate, wondering if they will ever meet and marry Mr. Right. At some point, they wonder if they will ever meet and marry someone, rather than Mr. Wonderful who has it all.

When people are desperate for a relationship, they send out signals of desperation that scare potential partners away. It can feel like a lot of responsibility to know that someone expects you to be his or her everything, filling up that black hole inside of himself or herself that no person can possibly fill. Those black holes have to be filled by the person himself.

I have heard girls in their teens and twenties tell me that they don’t think they will ever find someone, or they say they have been alone for so many years and wonder if they will always be alone.

Someone in their teens and twenties have a whole lifetime ahead of them, yet they want to nail down a marriage partner as soon as possible.

In the old days, when women got married in their teens, it was understandable to worry about never finding someone to marry. However, in the twenty-first century, when women are concentrating on careers and putting off getting married until their thirties or forties, it is sad to think that women still want to nail down a marriage partner as soon as possible for fear of never finding someone.

My grandmother had a saying: “Every pot has a cover.” If this is true, then women should be doing the things they enjoy, knowing that their “cover” is waiting for them and they will be enjoying the same things in life.

It’s also true that people find love when and where they least expect it. So, get on with your life and stop looking around corners for Mr. Right. If it’s meant to be, he’ll find you when it’s supposed to happen.

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