We Can’t Count on Anything

April 26, 2015

So much is happening in the world that sets our teeth on edge. The things we took for granted gave us a false sense of security. Banks are going belly-up. Countries are going bankrupt, There has been an increase in natural disasters and governments are toppling. Nothing feels safe any more.

Some of the things we took for granted were: If you want to work, you can find a job. If you want a good job that pays well, get a college education. If you want to have enough money to retire, pay into Social Security, invest in a pension fund, and put money in the bank. Job security and employee loyalty were the staples of the American workforce.

Nowadays, we can’t count on any of these things.

A college education doesn’t guaranty you getting a job. For every job, there are hundreds of applicants who have undergraduate and graduate degrees and not enough jobs to go around.

With the recession and an unstable stock market, massive parts of retirement funds were lost. Employers of major corporations embezzled pension funds. People were laid off when companies downsized and Senior citizens who depend on cost of living increases from Social Security found their increases frozen. Jobs are no longer secure and employee loyalty is no longer rewarded.

With the downturn economy and a shortage of jobs, I often hear people weighing the pros and cons of accepting another job in case the new company goes under or they are laid off and can’t find work.

From where I’m sitting, I can’t see working at a job you hate simply because you are afraid to look elsewhere. There is no job security so you might continue to work at a job you hate and then you could still be laid off or the company could go under.

Since everything is in turmoil these days and the world is changing too fast to keep up with what is happening, you might as well reach for the things you’ve always wanted.

This truly feels like a last chance lifetime. Our future is too uncertain to depend on things staying the same. We have less to risk by taking chances than the risks we face if we’re too afraid to change the aspects of our lives that aren’t working out for us. If this is a last chance lifetime, you might as well make the most of it.

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