Wedding Catfight Gets Down and Dirty

December 3, 2013

Picture yourself, dreaming of your wedding day surrounded by family and friends, all there to wish the happy couple a long and prosperous life together. Sound good so far?

With this particular couple, it didn’t work out quite that way. After the bride and groom exchanged their wedding vows in the Chinese city of Shenzhen, the groom’s pregnant mistress showed up wearing a white wedding gown screaming, shouting, and hitting both the bride and groom.

The three-minute video showed the pregnant mistress attacking the bride and groom, verbally and physically. The groom tried to break up the fight, defending his new bride, but the pregnant mistress was having none of it. She kept pushing him away and going after the bride again and again.

The bride says, “You didn’t have an abortion while you could and now you come here with your big stomach.

“How do I know whose kid it is? Are you trying to coerce us into buying you a house?”

The video shows the two women screaming and yelling abuses at each other and their physical blows become so violent that they had to be restrained by the groom and the waitstaff. At this point, you see the pregnant mistress crying and holding her stomach, and the bride pushing her husband away.

Everything suddenly comes to an abrupt end with the bride and the pregnant mistress collapsing on the floor in total exhaustion.

You could tell that this whole fiasco was carefully planned by the pregnant mistress. Why else would she wait until the nuptial vows were said and then barge in, wearing a white wedding gown and spewing malice at the newlyweds? Why not have the showdown long before the wedding ceremony?

She may not have wanted an abortion, and that’s an understandable choice, but she deliberately waited until she could wreak havoc on the newlyweds in the most public way imaginable.

Whatever the outcome, this cannot be a happy marriage. It shows that he was still involved with his mistress while he was courting his fiancée. It also shows the malice with which the pregnant mistress planned the whole fiasco. No matter whether the bride stays married to her new husband or divorces him, the love and trust are irretrievably broken and there won’t be a happy ending for any of them.

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