We’re Living in our Own Future

September 24, 2014

I’ve always wondered how we’re going to survive as a species if we keep killing off our enemies and they keep killing us.  I’ve wondered how our planet is going to survive the abuses we wreak on it like the fracking that is slowly causing our land to open up, engulfing property and lives in newly created vast sinkholes.  And I keep thinking how our overindustrialized cities are putting such hardship on our planet and depleting our natural resources.

And now comes a supposedly new theory.  According to a scientist and researcher, he says, “We will live longer, have kids in old age, and rely on robots.  We may also end up spending a large amount of our time in virtual reality.”

So far, he’s not telling us anything new.  Women, nowadays, are having children later in life, as evidenced by the women who have been giving birth in their seventies and eighties, using their frozen eggs or other forms of fertility treatments.  And men have always sired children well into their dotage.

We are living longer and we do rely on robots for many things so it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump away from relying on them for everything.  Personally, I’d like a robot to cook for me and clean my house, and not expect anything in return except maybe change its battery or recharge its battery when it’s running low.

We are already seeing robotic surgery doing surgical procedures on patients.  We have seen them operate on prostate cancer, heart conditions, knees, hips, etc.  It’s not even far-fetched, at this point, for us to imagine a robot telling us about our loved one’s prognosis after the surgery is done, or telling us to exercise more and eat less, and to have a greater work-life balance.

As for spending large amounts of time in virtual reality . . . Where has he been living?  It’s called the Internet and we have a whole society that spends its time living in a virtual reality known as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.

If we want to look at it realistically, we are already living in our own future.  I hope we do a better job of it than how we’ve been living in our past.

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