What’s in Store for Obama?

November 18, 2015

I’ve been thinking and wondering…

On the assumption that Obama has been working with ISIS to destroy America, as most people now think he is, what will happen to him after he leaves office in sixteen months and is no longer of any use to ISIS?

If ISIS truly destroys America as they plan to do, they won’t need Obama anymore. His work will be done. And then, what?

Anyone with a scintilla of common sense knows that there are no employment contracts or treaties when you’re dealing with terrorists and, any agreements they have, will become null and void after they accomplish what they set out to do.

So, what will they do with Obama and what will they do with his wife and daughters? I doubt if any of them will receive special treatment after he’s out of office and has nothing more to offer ISIS. My guess is that they will get the same treatment as the rest of us.

I could be wrong but I’m trying to see it from ISIS’s point of view. We’ve all seen that Obama lacks leadership ability. He’s seen around the world as a weak president who doesn’t keep his word and doesn’t come to the aid of his allies. He’s not a tactician or a strategist and his only real skill, if you want to call it that, is that he governs by consensus. So, what does a former president who has no Congress to back him up or to approve his spending commitments, have to offer a terrorist group looking for more countries to conquer?

Picture: Depiction of the Battle of Vercellae.- Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (1696–1770

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2 Responses to “What’s in Store for Obama?”

  1. joann love says:

    Hi Connie, you were god sent to my friend David Bell. well now can you give up an opinion on president trump? but better than that figure out why did Peter Smith…. an 80 year old, 10 days before his death, called a wall street journalist and blow the whistle on the lot of them?????

    • Connie H. Deutsch says:

      Hi, Joann. David speaks very highly of you. I’m leaving my political comments go for now other than to say a lot will be changing in the next few years and not for the better. Take care and wishing you well.

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