When to Hold and When to Fold

April 24, 2014

One of the most difficult things to do is knowing when to hold and when to fold; knowing when to leave a person or a situation. Ask any inveterate gambler if he is able to walk away from a losing streak, especially if he has won a few hands that evening and then he starts to lose.

There’s a reason that the house always wins. Casinos don’t make their money from people who know when to stop gambling. They make their money from people who don’t know how to walk away after they have lost the money set aside for their evening’s entertainment.

So, too, with relationships, projects, and goals. You may feel that you have invested too much time, money, and effort into something or someone to walk away from them, especially if you get a glimmer that something is changing. But are those changes temporary or permanent? Are you trying to justify staying a little bit longer “just in case” the tide is really turning?

In a sense, it’s easier to let go of a relationship because you are always interacting with a person who can let you down, but it’s more difficult to let go of a dream or a goal because you don’t want to acknowledge that so much of your life was wasted chasing after the unattainable.

Some people are very good at playing the stock market because they understand the market, but most people don’t understand the market and, for them, it’s more a matter of luck than knowledge and strategy if they buy and sell at the right time.

But what if you have invested a lot of money and time in pursuing a career and the economy changes? Do you know when to turn your sights in a new career direction or do you hang around hoping the economy will change and you’ll be able to make a living again?

Change is inevitable and those who refuse to change when they see the signs, will be the ones who are left in the dust. The ones who aren’t afraid to change with the times, will be the ones who will succeed in any economy; they will be the ones who will be admired and considered the gurus or pundits by the masses.

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