Who Will be Bribed This Time?

August 23, 2014

At the beginning of the year, I wrote about the “Affluenza” case in Texas where State District Judge Jean Boyd was on the take, accepting a huge bribe to close the hearing to the public so that she could rule in favor of a drunken sixteen-year-old white boy who drove his car into six people, killing four and permanently injuring the other two. She accepted the story that because he came from an affluent family he hadn’t learned to accept responsibility.

Interestingly, while this sixteen-year-old white boy received no prison time for killing all those people, just six months before that case, she sentenced a fourteen-year-old black boy to ten years in juvenile detention for killing someone with a single punch.

Now, it appears that the father of this teenaged boy is in trouble, but this time, the wealthy parent is being charged with impersonating an officer, not just being responsible for raising his child to think he could get away with murder because he has enough money to bribe a judge.

But, wait. It doesn’t end there. It seems that Fred and Tonya Couch, the boy’s parents, have had many brushes with the law. “According to official documentation, Mr Couch, 48, has a blizzard of 22 accusations on his record, made up of four criminal misdemeanor allegations and 18 traffic violations.”

His brushes with the law go from evading arrest, passing bad checks, physically assaulting his ex-wife, driving without a license, theft, and numerous speeding tickets. Over the last twenty-five years all of these charges have been dismissed and he has never served time; he just paid the fines.

If I were to take a guess, I’d say that the reason he has never served time is a combination of several things: relentless bullying, bribery, and making substantial financial restitution in the two theft cases that were dropped against him.

Now that he’s been arrested for impersonating an officer, it remains to be seen whether he will, once again, get off the hook with another huge payout. But, considering that this is Texas, where the laws are clearly in favor of the rich and, just as clearly, against the poor, Mr. Couch might, indeed, get another case against him dismissed. It wouldn’t be the first time, as the record shows, from the other 22 times, and it won’t be the last time.

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2 Responses to “Who Will be Bribed This Time?”

  1. Deborah Lynne Connor says:

    No one has held Grand Jury Hearings that she has been unfairly terminating parental rights and refusing to implement kinship care, as there is no money from the federal government in that. There is a group of us seeking other victims who have been denied due process and Constitutional rights to family members. My background check prepared by a social worker in Utah based on an FBI background check, was falsely reported in Boyd’s court. She knew it was a false report. She also allowed five favorable evaluations to be falsified. She has done this to thousands of families for years. She sits on the boards of all the adoption agencies in Tarrant County. She then gets her sticky fingers on the federal funding for the adoption bonuses, which is the largest of all the federal funding grants given for child welfare. It is Title XIX funding. Google: Anatomy of Child Welfare Fraud. Deborah Lynne Connor
    801-654-3140 still fighting to get my grandchildren back….and attempting to get Grand Jury Hearings to show she is a criminal and has been on the take with child welfare money for years!!!

    • Connie H. Deutsch says:

      Thanks for your response, Deborah. I’m not surprised by what you wrote as I felt this judge had been bribed in the Affluenza case. She’s due to retire soon so hopefully, another judge will give you back your grandchildren. I wish you the best of luck in getting them back.

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